At Lan Do & Associates, LLC, our team of translators and interpreters are bi-cultural, bi-lingual, and — at all times — consummate professionals. They are culturally sensitive and competent, always addressing the cultural needs of the client. Additionally, they strive to ensure accuracy in the work they provide. Most importantly, our translators and interpreters understand the need for confidentiality and discretion in dealing with often very sensitive information.

Lan Do & Associates, LLC translators are accredited by the American Translator Association (ATA), certified translators, graduates from the Monterey Institute-School of Foreign Languages, or instructors from the Monterey Institute. At Lan Do & Associates, LLC, our projects are handled locally to ensure an accurate finished product.

Our interpreters have extensive experience performing interpretation services in all areas but not limited to  working in focus groups, conferences, hearings, mediation and arbitration, as well as public meetings. In addition, our interpreters have broad experience in medical evaluation and treatment. Lan Do & Associates, LLC interpreters are able to provide simultaneous, consecutive, and telephonic interpretation.  Many of our interpreters meet rigorous certification requirements: federal, state, national medical, etc.


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